Do you ever feel like you’re not really living life? That you’re more letting things happen and tick along without making any progress – or relishing in experiences that will be the memories you’ll look back at when you’re older? That’s where I am right now. I feel stuck.

Here’s the tricky thing. I know I’m not. I’ve done a lot in the past year: become a freelancer (yay!) working on a long-term contract (boom!), gained the weight I so foolishly starved off (boo), become better at shutting down the negative self-talk when it creeps in (oh yeah!), allowed myself to have experiences my younger, more frightened self wouldn’t dream of (YASSS), and managing to stay in a neutral mood more often (is this what most people feel like?). And yet, I feel stuck.

How you ask? Despite knowing that I’m doing pretty well all things considered, there’s this feeling – like a dull pain that’s not really noticeable yet strong enough to annoy you – that I’m not living the best life I can live. I’m not being the best person I can be.

But what can be done?

Have you ever felt like stuck like this?