Change your story. Change your life.

Do you ever stop and consider which story you’re telling? Take a moment right now. We have time. Ready? Now think about this: is your story holding you back or helping you thrive in your life?

Listening to an episode of the Tony Robbins podcast on my way to work today – it’s become a habit of mine this whole podcast thing – he spoke about three steps to a breakthrough in life – and how we can change things in our life, be it relationships, finance, health, career, and take them to the next level. One of these were the story you tell yourself. Your beliefs about your life.

“Give up the story that limits you.” – Tony Robbins

We all have a story, created by the multitude of experiences we have and choices we make every single day.

I’ve met a few people during my 35-years on this planet that have been telling tragic tales of woe me’s. Now, I have my moments of “life’s pretty shit right now”, but oh-em-gee some of these people: always something negative, or “I’m tired”, or “my family didn’t have much”, “I can’t deal” and so on. Truth be told, there’s no wonder nothing good seem to happen as long as you keep focusing on the wrong thing. If you’re focusing on what you’re missing at all times, instead of what you have, then you’re in for a rough ride.

You might be telling a story that’s not beneficial for you. It keeps you stuck in the state you’re in. It keeps you from growing. It halts your potential to be brilliant. It crushes your ability to live the most glorious life you can live. Or it simply keeps you at the ‘average, kind-of-ok’ state you’re in at the moment. And that’s ok if that’s where you want to be, but…wouldn’t it be amazing to live your life in the best way possible?

I’m not trying to make this a BE POSITIVE ALWAYS-kind of post. Life’s not that. It can’t be that. We have our ups and downs, successes and failures. But what differentiates what happens next in your story is how you choose to look at things and the decisions you make.

“Decisions, not conditions determine your destiny.” – Tony Robbins

Which story do you choose to tell?