Food and travels

Ever since I can remember, any time I’ve gone travelling food has been a big part of it; what are the best cafes, which restaurants should I book, what local delicatessen should I be trying? I love exploring places through its dishes. You can learn a lot from people, cultures and cities from their food.

In Italy it was all about the pasta, the pizza and the gelato. In Greece, the kleftiko and feta in filo pastry drizzled with honey (if you haven’t tried this yet, then definitely put this on your list!). Japan focused around sushi and more sushi.

When I travel on my own, or stay in B&Bs it’s easy. You’re expecting to eat out most of the time, giving in to the littles whim of what to have throughout the day. Cue foodie Beth in her right element.

On the flip side, this strong link between travelling and food also makes it almost unbearably to stay at people’s houses… Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE staying with people and being part of their ways, but I get slightly angsty knowing I can’t eat what I want, when I want. This is especially the case when you’re with people that don’t have the same eating pattern as you. So how to you get around this?

I think it was Nigella who once said it that she brings food with her to people’s places if she’s staying over. Not because their food is awful; just to have something as a back up. I haven’t done this myself yet, but she’s on to something there. Then again, eating in secrecy doesn’t sound great now does it?

This weekend was one of these trips. I was staying with a friend’s family, and before we got there we had planned eating at some of the restaurants local to them – or even getting a cheeky takeaway. As things had it, we didn’t go out to eat at all, instead having salads and chicken and other bits at home. It was lovely.

I did have to have a quiet word with myself and my mind every now and then, but I’ve also realised that I don’t NEED the food.

I want it.

But don’t NEED it.

And that feels good.


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