The moment when I liked my reflection

Yes it happened. It goes with the story that it was only fleeting, and it wasn’t my whole reflection. BUT IT HAPPENED.

Having been on a crazy starvation diet earlier this year – I was desperate – I’ve since been trying to eat more intuitively. It’s going ok. I’m still treating myself too much, but I assume this is what my body wants and need right now. I’m listening to what my body wants, while sorting my head out. On the low-calorie diet I did lose a good amount of weight, and I can feel (and see) that some of it has crept back on. As my head and body find the happy place where both can live together without fighting each other, I’ve been trying to a) not stress out and hate myself for being a bit heavier than where I want to be and b) work on loving and being in love with myself as I am – hey, we only have the one life so spending it hating yourself is so so dull!

As I was heading home from work the other day, I walked past a building with reflecting windows. This is where I would usually turn my head to catch my reflection and proceed to notice all the things I don’t like about the woman looking back at me. This time, the woman gazing back at me looked different, she gave off a different vibe – AND her bum looked VERY GOOD in that pencil skirt. Yep, instead of focusing on my belly or my hair or whatever, my eyes were diverted to my derriere, and I liked what I saw.

It looked feminine and plump. It looked good. And I confidently continued on my journey – not focusing on negative, instead floating on the positive energy that

This feeling was a revelation.

It tells me I’m capable on seeing the beauty in me.

It tells me I’m on the right path.

It tells me I’m falling for myself.


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