I’m setting up a fuck-off fund and so should you!

There’s been a lot of talk online recently about the importance of a fuck-off fund and why every woman should have one. This story on the Billfold is a great read about it.

Whether it’s to leave a dead-end job that’s making you increasingly more depressed each day, having to vacate your flat within days, escape a partner that’s no good for you or simply decide to say “fuck it, I’m off travelling”, we all have times in our lives when we desperately need some extra cash.

I’ve been in most of these situations.

A breakdown in a relationship made me homeless for a couple of months. I could have stayed in the home we shared, but for my own sanity I decided that living out of my suitcase and on friends’ sofas was a better solution than seeing the face of the man who had crushed my heart every day. Had I had a bit more money in the bank I could have parked myself in an airbnb and waited for the storm to pass somewhat.

I was working at a place which I over the years had grown to hate. Not so much the work (sometimes this too) but mostly the people, the politics and the slaughterhouse that a major agency can be. I used to wake up with dread, feeling trapped and not seeing the sun above the clouds. I have escaped, but it would have been a much easier decision had I had my fuck-off fund. Now, as a freelancer, I can see an even greater benefit of having a fat piggybank – who knows when I might have to live off savings for a month. This is the life of a freelancer. It’s exciting, but also a little terrifying. Mostly exciting though!

I’ve never had a partner that was abusive so that’s a bonus, but can totally feel with those that need a clean break and sharpish.

I’d love to go travelling for an extensive period of time – three months or maybe a bit more. I want to explore the world. Experience different cultures, meeting new people, and live. And for that I need money.

One of my key things for the next twelve months is to get out of the disease called debt I have and become financially independent. A fuck-off fund can be a lifesaver and the fact that most of us don’t have one is quite silly really.


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