5 ways to feel happy, instantly.

If you’re ever in a need of a happiness pick me up, there are ways to increase the happy levels instantly. No I’m not talking about a bag of Haribo or popping open a bottle of Prosecco – though both can be joy inducing in their own ways.

For me there are certain things that bring my mood right up in an instant.

Dogs. Cats. And all cute animals.

There’s something in animal therapy. The repetitive motion of stroking a furry creature, having a cuddle with someone who is SO happy to see you and be with you (dogs are best for this as cats, as you probably know, are very much their own masters and like things happening on their terms). Seeing cute animals are psychologically proven to make us happier. And this is not only in real life, also photos of cute furry friends are mood boosting. If there was ever a reason for allowing myself five minute ‘cute animals on Instagram’ session each day that’s it.

Go outside.

Soak up those vitamin Ds! Grab a blanket, bring a book or download your favourite podcast and head to the nearest green space – or if you’re lucky enough to live near a forest, go wandering.

Look out at the sea.

There’s something so grounding by sitting quietly in your thoughts looking at the sea. The waves moving towards you, the white noise, the next wave never exactly the same as the last one… When I feel sad, anxious, or simply need to think, I feel drawn to the sea.

Buy yourself flowers.

Surround yourself with beautiful flowers. Let your life be filled with the colours, variation and delightful smells of living plants. And buy them for yourself.

Take a break from the digital world

We all need it sometimes: to unplug. Like our computers and smartphones that need to be switched off once in a while to get a rest, so do we. In a super-connected world, it’s ok to say Pokemon No and leave the social chatter, flurry of emails, articles and Netflix binges aside for a weekend.


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