Chub rub. The struggle is real.

It all starts so promising. The sun is out. The temperature is hitting high 20s – or as with this particular heatwave we’re experiencing in London these days a high of 33C. People are actually smiling. Summer has finally arrived!

As a woman, these kind of temperatures means that the trusted tights are left at the back of the drawer, jeans are swapped for floaty skirts and flirty summer dresses. With this change also comes another one. Skin on skin contact. No, I’m not talking about the sexy times that hot summer days also might make you want. I’m talking about the way your thighs rub against each other as you walk around, it getting hotter and hotter as the pavements ooze of heat underfoot and the sun is sizzling you from above. It gets sweaty and sticky, and for a while all seems fine. Until.

It’s starts off as a slight annoyance. To small to even notice really. Then, suddenly, it hits you. The burn. It’s as if the inside of your thighs are on fire. You get to where you need to be – I hope for your sake this place is home –  and it’s time to inspect. Yes, there they are, the red patches. Sore and raw. Like a carpet burn at the worst possible place. Now all you can do is a) find some garment that will let you cover up both thighs (don’t be fooled the pain will still be there or b) lay down, legs wide apart with some cooling aloe vera gel on the distressed areas. It doesn’t matter if you’re a larger lady or straight sized. Most of us get it – and if you don’t, praise yourself lucky!

Today is one of those days.

Now excuse me as I go tend to my sore, wobbly thighs.




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